South Dakota Army National Guard (SDARNG) Golden Coyote EA and Training Site Biological Surveys

South Dakota Army National Guard (SDARNG) Golden Coyote EA and Training Site Biological Surveys


Black Hills, SD

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Banner has completed a wide range of environmental services for the SDARNG including an Environmental Assessment (EA) for the Golden Coyote training exercises and the biological surveys to update the Integrated Natural Resources Management Plan (INRMP). For the Golden Coyote EA, the SDARNG needed a NEPA document completed  for their collective, annual training exercises within the Black Hills area, known as Golden Coyote. The Black Hills area provides a realistic training environment to prepare for combat operations. Banner’s team members have worked closely with the SDARNG’s environmental staff in preparing an EA for training conducted annually over a five-year schedule at 16 proposed sites located within, or adjacent to, the Black Hills National Forest, Custer State Park, and Belle Fourche Reservoir. For the biological surveys to update the INRMP, Banner’s biologists and environmental scientists completed surveys at Austin Training Area and West Camp Rapid Training Area. The biological surveys included herpetological, mammal and bird surveys. The results were utilized to provide recommendations for management of the sites.

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Project Goal # 1

Evaluate the potential environmental, socioeconomic, and cultural effects of the South Dakota Army National Guard’s (SDARNG’s) proposed annual training exercises in 41 proposed training areas. The training areas are located in the US Forest Service, Black Hills National Forest; within the Custer State Park (South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks property); and within the Belle Fourche Reservoir (Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) property).

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Project Goal # 2

Complete the Environmental Documentation for the training exercises. Identify possible avoidance of impacts to resources. Identify minimization or mitigation of resources that would be affected by the training exercises.

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Project Goal #3

Identify environmental resources present at the two training sites by completing biological surveys. Provide recommendations for management of the sites.

Project Features

  • Environmental Assessment
  • Biological Survey Report

Services Provided

  • NEPA Documentation
  • Biological Surveys (herpetological, mammal and bird surveys)
  • Biological Resources Analysis
  • GIS Analysis