Municipal Infrastructure

Municipal infrastructure engineering is an essential component for maintenance and growth of our towns, cities, counties and regions. The population of any area depends on its infrastructure to live, work, and play. Keeping up with infrastructure maintenance and expansion is a constant challenge. Maintaining and building sustainable public infrastructure requires planning, design, and a construction process that considers a series of social, economic, technological and environmental issues. When all of these issues are handled effectively, municipal infrastructure projects achieve their greatest success. Banner will guide you through the early permitting phases and complete the project with in-house civil engineering, design, bidding, and construction management. Our staff handles public projects on a day-to-day basis, and has extensive experience in dealing with contractors, municipalities, and regulators.

Elm Avenue Reconstruction
Baltic, SD

The City of Baltic, SD completed significant upgrades to the storm sewer, sanitary sewer and water main utilities beneath eight blocks of Elm Avenue and adjacent streets. The soil conditions required a pavement design to determine the most economical street section.  Ultimately a section with geogrid was selected that reduced costs and increased load capacity. The new storm sewer system alleviated street flooding for residents in the low lying areas of the basin. Banner also assisted the City in securing low-interest loan funding for the project through the facility planning process.

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Beresford Joint City-SDDOT Project
Beresford, SD

Highway 46 through Beresford was reconstructed for a one mile segment from West 13th Street to East 13th Street as part of a joint SDDOT/City highway reconstruction project. For this project, the city utility replacement work was bid as a separate schedule by the SDDOT in order to award the construction work to a single contractor. The City and Banner worked in conjunction with the SDDOT to replace aging municipal sanitary sewer and water main utilities under the highway. During the design phase, much attention was paid to sequencing since the SDDOT required that traffic be maintained during construction by allowing only half of the roadway to be closed at one time.

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Clear Lake Sanitary Sewer Improvements
Clear Lake, SD

The City of Clear Lake Sanitary Sewer Improvements project used a trenchless construction method known as Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) to eliminate inflow/infiltration (I/I) problems. The project included approximately 24,000 feet of mainline lining and 12,900 feet of lateral lining with 380 main line/lateral connections and lateral lining cleanouts. The project also included replacing several manholes and rehabilitation of an existing lift station wet well with a fiberglass liner insert. The project was completed in 2016. Banner assisted the City in securing funding for the project through the facility planning process.

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Ivanhoe Utility Improvements
Ivanhoe, MN

Excessive inflow and infiltration (I/I) in the gravity sewer collection system was causing hydraulic overloading of the wastewater treatment system in the City of Ivanhoe. Several point repairs were performed to fix some of the known I/I sources, however, the repairs were not reducing I/I enough for the community to consistently meet their discharge permit. The City enlisted Banner’s expertise to perform an I/I investigation, including inventory and analysis of the current collection system pipe material and age, review of televising records, and identification of sump pump and roof drain connections.

The recommended improvements included a combination of traditional open-cut and trenchless construction methods.  The project also incorporated water distribution system and storm drainage improvements.  The trenchless construction methods were recommended to minimize street repairs at locations where these systems were not in need of upgrading and the pavement was in good condition. This allowed the City to focus their efforts on wastewater collection system improvements.  The project was completed in the following two phases:

Bid Schedule No. 1 -  Open-cut pipe replacement for the gravity sewer mains.  Replacement of the 4-inch service lines connecting residences or businesses to the sewer main were integrated into the project. Water distribution system and storm drainage improvements were also incorporated into the improvements.

Bid Schedule No. 2 - Trenchless construction utilizing Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) for both sewer main and lateral rehabilitation. This new technology for lining the services was implemented to benefit the residents of Ivanhoe through a generous grant.  The project further reduced infiltration of groundwater into the sanitary sewer system.

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Yankton Transfer Station Scale Site Improvements
Yankton, SD

The City of Yankton needed to replace an aging scale at their transfer station. The City asked Banner's Civil team to redesign the site to accommodate a new 80’ heavy duty truck scale and improve traffic flow, as traffic would frequently back up onto the adjacent city street. Yankton took advantage of our multi-discipline capabilities and requested our Architectural and Structural departments to redesign the scale house to make efficient use of the existing space and improve visibility for the transfer station attendant. The project also brought the scale house and the surrounding site into compliance with ADA standards. The City was a recipient of a grant and loan through the SD DENR Solid Waste program which helped fund all aspects of the project. Banner assisted the City and the planning agency in preparing its funding application.

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