Specialized Services

Ivanhoe Utility Improvements
Ivanhoe, MN

Excessive inflow and infiltration (I/I) in the gravity sewer collection system was causing hydraulic overloading of the wastewater treatment system in the City of Ivanhoe. Several point repairs were performed to fix some of the known I/I sources, however, the repairs were not reducing I/I enough for the community to consistently meet their discharge permit. The City enlisted Banner’s expertise to perform an I/I investigation, including inventory and analysis of the current collection system pipe material and age, review of televising records, and identification of sump pump and roof drain connections.

The recommended improvements included a combination of traditional open-cut and trenchless construction methods.  The project also incorporated water distribution system and storm drainage improvements.  The trenchless construction methods were recommended to minimize street repairs at locations where these systems were not in need of upgrading and the pavement was in good condition. This allowed the City to focus their efforts on wastewater collection system improvements.  The project was completed in the following two phases:

Bid Schedule No. 1 -  Open-cut pipe replacement for the gravity sewer mains.  Replacement of the 4-inch service lines connecting residences or businesses to the sewer main were integrated into the project. Water distribution system and storm drainage improvements were also incorporated into the improvements.

Bid Schedule No. 2 - Trenchless construction utilizing Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) for both sewer main and lateral rehabilitation. This new technology for lining the services was implemented to benefit the residents of Ivanhoe through a generous grant.  The project further reduced infiltration of groundwater into the sanitary sewer system.

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Sioux Falls WRF - Secondary Digester Cover Replacement Coatings
Sioux Falls, SD

The City of Sioux Falls, SD replaced the floating cover of the secondary digester with a fixed beam radial cover at the Water Reclamation Facility. Banner provided coating inspection by a NACE Coating Inspection Certified - Level 2 inspector for the coatings applied to the existing concrete walls and the new steel cover. Coating inspection included observation of the surface preparation, observation of application of the coatings and final inspection (measuring coating thickness and observing holiday test).

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City of Volga Infrastructure GIS
Volga, SD

Banner created digital maps for the City of Volga's staff to stay up to date on the locations, conditions, and inspections for the city's water system. Banner provided custom forms for well monitoring in addition to system inspections. City staff can now use these maps to make decisions on future customers and system updates.

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22nd Avenue Corridor Improvements Study
Brookings, South Dakota

The 22nd Avenue corridor is one of the most important arterial routes in Brookings, SD, providing access to many of the area’s retail stores and serving as a main route for commuting and cross-town traffic. Portions of the corridor are in need of rehabilitation and the City desires to provide adequate capacity for future traffic demand. The City retained the Banner/HDR team to provide a preliminary design study of the corridor. The study included determining the existing and future traffic capacity of the corridor, developing preliminary design concepts for the corridor to meet design standards for a 5-lane cross-section that also provides for pedestrian and bicycle travel through the corridor and evaluating potential utility needs and constructibility issues with the preliminary design concepts. Banner used drone technology to produce updated aerial photography and meet tight project deadlines. This provided an accurate representation of physical features and was used to draw marked utilities in the corridor. It was also used to help identify property lines and potential right-of-way conflicts. The technology proved to be very beneficial as a major intersection (6th Street and 22nd Avenue) and the adjacent Brookings Health System had significant improvements during the construction season. All plan sheets incorporated the most recent geometric and site improvements to aid in decision-making.

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GF&P SW Division Dam Inspections
Various Locations, Western SD

Banner was tasked with the inspection of dams across western South Dakota selected by the Game, Fish & Parks (GF&P). Twenty (20) dams of various age and type were inspected. These include earthen dams and concrete dams, dams for large and small recreational lakes, and dams that were close to towns, some in state parks, and some very remote. Some of the structures were almost 90 years old. The spillways designs all varied widely from straight concrete cutoff walls to long grassy channel with three (3) drop structures. This project involved a team of two (2) to travel to each individual dam over the course over a five day period. Each individual component was inspected including the approach, spillway structure, stilling basin, dam structure, outlet works, toe drains, and erosion protection. Wear, erosion, problematic vegetation, and deficiencies were noted and a report was provided detailing the condition of the dams, recommendations for repair or replacement, cost estimates associated with repair or replacement, and reevaluated dam hazard level recommendation.

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