Specialized Services

Bowes Construction Sand and Gravel Mine - Wetland Delineation
Brookings, SD

With plans to open a new sand and gravel mine to provide aggregate for sale, Banner provided services to assist Bowes Construction in obtaining a 404 Permit. The mine site contains approximately 3.2 acres of wetlands. Banner provided a wetland delineation, coordination, and alternative analysis report to the Army Corps of Engineers to assist the owner in obtaining a 404 Permit.

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Ivanhoe Utility Improvements
Ivanhoe, MN

Excessive inflow and infiltration (I/I) in the gravity sewer collection system was causing hydraulic overloading of the wastewater treatment system in the City of Ivanhoe. Several point repairs were performed to fix some of the known I/I sources, however, the repairs were not reducing I/I enough for the community to consistently meet their discharge permit. The City enlisted Banner’s expertise to perform an I/I investigation, including inventory and analysis of the current collection system pipe material and age, review of televising records, and identification of sump pump and roof drain connections.

The recommended improvements included a combination of traditional open-cut and trenchless construction methods.  The project also incorporated water distribution system and storm drainage improvements.  The trenchless construction methods were recommended to minimize street repairs at locations where these systems were not in need of upgrading and the pavement was in good condition. This allowed the City to focus their efforts on wastewater collection system improvements.  The project was completed in the following two phases:

Bid Schedule No. 1 -  Open-cut pipe replacement for the gravity sewer mains.  Replacement of the 4-inch service lines connecting residences or businesses to the sewer main were integrated into the project. Water distribution system and storm drainage improvements were also incorporated into the improvements.

Bid Schedule No. 2 - Trenchless construction utilizing Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) for both sewer main and lateral rehabilitation. This new technology for lining the services was implemented to benefit the residents of Ivanhoe through a generous grant.  The project further reduced infiltration of groundwater into the sanitary sewer system.

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Sioux Falls WRF - Secondary Digester Cover Replacement Coatings
Sioux Falls, SD

The City of Sioux Falls, SD replaced the floating cover of the secondary digester with a fixed beam radial cover at the Water Reclamation Facility. Banner provided coating inspection by a NACE Coating Inspection Certified - Level 2 inspector for the coatings applied to the existing concrete walls and the new steel cover. Coating inspection included observation of the surface preparation, observation of application of the coatings and final inspection (measuring coating thickness and observing holiday test).

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