Twin Brooks Water Facility Plan/Water System Improvements
Twin Brooks, SD

Twin Brook's existing water operator wanted to retire and it was difficult to find a new licensed operator for this type of part-time work. In addition, Twin Brook's existing wells were deteriorating. A Facility Plan was completed with the assistance of a Small Community Planning Grant and a funding from East Dakota Water Development District. The Facility Plan recommended connection to the nearby Grant Roberts Rural Water System, which offered better water quality and was willing to take over maintenance of the City's water distribution system. The City's wells were abandoned and 2,245 feet of 6-inch water main was installed to connect the community to the rural water system. The project also included a pressure reducing/metering building with chemical feed as well as meter pits at each of the 39 connections within the community. Twin Brooks was able to receive $349,400 in grant funding for the project to assist with the cost of Facility Plan preparation, engineering design, construction and construction observation, minimizing the financial burden on the residents in this small, rural community.

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LaBolt Wastewater System Facility Plan
LaBolt, SD

The Town of Labolt sought to make improvements to their wastewater collection and treatment system.  The system was analyzed for deficiencies and recommendations were made to maintain the system capabilities by lowering cleanout caps in the streets, protect the stabilization ponds against further erosion, and restore control structures at the stabilization pond site. The WWTF was physically deteriorating from years of erosion to unprotected banks.  The structures were aging including a seized control valve on the outfall line and heaving of concrete level indicators and control piping.  This combination of deficiencies led to an unreliable operation and treatment. A facility plan was necessary to analyze the wastewater collection and treatment system. The Town of LaBolt is a relatively small community of less than 60 residents with limited resources. Banner worked with LaBolt and their community planning and economic development association, 1st District Association of Local Governments, and East Dakota Water Development District to develop a funding package that allowed Labolt the opportunity to make the necessary improvements.

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