Pierre Comprehensive Drainage Study

Pierre Comprehensive Drainage Study


Pierre, SD

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The City of Pierre has experienced flooding problems in their drainage ways and storm sewers throughout the city. Banner was retained to perform a study to define the current flooding problems for the entire City of Pierre and evaluate improvements necessary to alleviate the flooding. Banner was responsible to collect field data, perform field reconnaissance of the drainage area, storm sewers and associated facilities, perform detailed computer modeling to determine the flood flows for various drainage basins throughout the city (HEC-1), determine flood elevations (HEC-RAS) for open channel drainage ways through the city, and perform detailed computer modeling of the storm sewer system and culvert pipes. Banner was also asked to recommend alternative drainage improvements to reduce flooding and subsequent damage. This task also required detailed computer modeling to determine the effectiveness of the proposed improvements. Alternatives, cost estimates and financing plans were developed to present this information for further consideration by the City of Pierre. Banner was also involved in assisting the City of Pierre in conducting public meetings to disseminate information regarding the study to the public and receive input and suggestions.

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Project Goal #1

Identify deficient drainage systems and recommend improvements necessary

Project Features

  • Comprehensive Drainage Evaluation of Storm Drainage Infrastructure

Services Provided

  • Hydraulic Modeling
  • Improvement Planning & Phasing
  • Finance Planning
  • Public Meeting Facilitation

Support Disciplines