Wayfinding and Signage

Wayfinding and Signage

Mary Johnson | Apr 25, 2017

Wayfinding and signage design should be considered key elements in the overall built environment of many commercial buildings, as navigating from place to place is a fundamental and integral part of everyday life. It’s crucial to design signage that communicates with a clear and consistent visual message.

Several types of signs can be incorporated into each building to work together to guide people through a space. Signage types include but are not limited to; information signs to help orientate yourself in the environment, building identification signs identifying one’s current location, directional signs displayed in several strategic points to direct people to individual locations, identification signs listing information about locations such as buildings and public facilities and warning signs to show safety procedures such as emergency. Part of being consistent visually also involves several design elements and can help to create easy identification of spaces. Using consistent typography, colors, and materials on each sign ensures a wayfinding system that is simple to follow. Contrast between the foreground and background is also an important factor in the ease of communicating to people concisely.

At First Assembly of God in Sioux Falls we created a signage package that incorporates these key features into their wayfinding to not only move people through the space efficiently but to also create a renumbering and renaming of rooms so there can be a consistent identification of all spaces no matter where within the building someone is. Within the building there are several rooms that host a multitude of different functions and so identifying rooms via a number system allows for flexibility. The design of those room signs included clear plastic inserts to allow for the administrative staff to update room usage as needed as well as teacher names for easy identification of those rooms.

The ultimate goal of any signage and wayfinding design is to ensure that visitors can easily navigate to their destination and to keep in mind that that design reflects back upon the organization or business within the building. Proper signage can help create a more positive experience within every building.