Madison Water Treatment Plant Improvements

Madison Water Treatment Plant Improvements


Madison, SD

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The City of Madison owns and operates a conventional lime softening water treatment plant which serves approximately 6,600 people within the City limits. Water is pumped from eleven production wells through a series of 6"- and 8"-diameter pipes to a 12" intake line into the 4.0-million gallons per day (MGD) water plant. Water is then treated and pumped to the distribution system. The water plant was originally built in 1966 with clarification and filtration. Improvements were made in 1996 which included the addition of a second clarifier, a reclaim basin, and a generator. Banner prepared a facility plan which identified several areas for improvement. Recommendations included improvements to the City's clearwell and on-site storage and pumping capabilities; piping inside the water treatment plant and site piping to separate pressures zones (allowing maximum utilization of both existing water towers); installation of an ammonia feed system; filter improvements including an underdrain, an air/water backwash system, and media; and a variable-frequency drive (VFD) on Well #9.

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Project Goal #1

Replace a deteriorating below grade one-million gallon ground storage reservoir with a new glass-lined, above-grade reservoir

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Project Goal #2

Provide a clearwell and pump station that will allow staff flexibility with backwashing, storage, and pumping to the distribution system

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Project Goal #3

Provide high service pumps and piping at the water treatment plant to create two pressure zones to maximum utilization of the existing water towers

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Project Goal #4

Add an ammonia feed system allowing the City to feed chloramines if necessary for TTHM control or blending with Lewis & Clark RWS water and replace the filter underdrain to stop media loss and a new air/water backwash will improve the effectiveness of the backwash process

Project Features

  • A new pump station & clearwell, including new low service pumps and associated piping, new high service pumps and associated piping, ammonia feed system, mechanical & electrical systems, and all necessary control systems
  • Electrical and control modifications to several wells
  • New raw water piping into the existing water treatment plant
  • Demolition and replacement of the filter underdrain, media and wash system
  • All associated site piping
  • New 1 MG ground storage reservoir, including piping to/from the reservoir, mixing system, overflow piping, foundation, and all other necessary appurtenances
  • Demolition of the existing below grade ground storage reservoir
  • Final site grading and seeding

Services Provided

  • Preliminary Engineering Report
  • Complete System Hydraulic Analysis and Surge Analysis
  • Preliminary/Final Design
  • Construction Documents
  • Bidding Services
  • Construction Contract Administration
  • Construction Staking and Observation

Support Disciplines