Great Plains Lutheran High School Topographic Survey

Great Plains Lutheran High School Topographic Survey


Watertown, SD

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Great Plains Lutheran High School (GPLHS) in Watertown is growing. With this growth, GPLHS is looking to the future and sees the need for additional facilities. An accurate map of the current campus was needed to allow them to accurately plan for new improvements. Banner's survey department provided them with this map and also assembled preliminary cost estimates for planned facilities so they could set fundraising goals and member expectations.

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Project Goal #1

Provide GPLHS with an accurate map of their current campus to more accurately plan new improvements

Project Features

  • Topographic Survey
  • Boundary Survey
  • Preliminary Cost Estimate

Services Provided

  • Total Station Survey
  • GPS Survey
  • Digital Level Loop
  • Drafting
  • Records Research

Support Disciplines