Deer Creek Station

Deer Creek Station


Elkton, SD

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Deer Creek Station is a 300-megawatt combined-cycle power generating facility (enough to power 240,000 homes) fueled by natural gas, located approximately two miles west and eleven miles north of Elkton, SD. The natural gas pipeline constructed for the project ties into the Northern Border Pipeline approximately 14 miles north of the site. A 345-kilovolt transmission line was constructed to carry the generated electricity from the plant to a Western Area Power Administration (WAPA) substation less than a mile south of the site. The heated exhaust generated from the gas turbine-generator set is used to heat a closed water system to create steam through a series of heat exchangers in the Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG). The steam is used to power a second turbine-generator set. The exhaust is then vented out of the stack and the spent steam is piped to the Air Cooled Condenser where it is cooled and condensed for reuse in the HRSG.

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Project Goal #1

Provide construction services for the civil and structural portions of the plant construction

Project Features

  • Auger-cast Grout Pile Deep Foundations (655 piles, 16" diameter x 80' deep)
  • Reinforced Concrete Slabs and Foundations (approximately 21,000 cubic-yards)
  • Structural Steel Framing (approximately 3,000 tons)
  • Site Grading (approximately 366,000 cubic-yards of excavation)
  • Peak construction work force of approx 400 people

Services Provided

  • Construction Observation
  • Verify Compliance with Construction Documents
  • Coordinate Construction Testing
  • Resolve Construction Issues between the Contractor, Owner, and Engineer of Record

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