Big Sioux Community Water Brant Lake Water Treatment Plant

Big Sioux Community Water Brant Lake Water Treatment Plant


Egan, SD

Construction Cost

$ 1,793,200

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The Big Sioux Community Water System, Inc. is a public water system serving small communities and rural residents of Moody and Lake Counties in South Dakota. The system has been delivering water since 1972, with the Brant Water Treatment Plant in operation from 1986 to 1998 and the present lime softening Egan Water Treatment Plant in operation since 1994. To meet increased water demand at the recreational lake areas—which were on the perimeter of Big Sioux's existing distribution system—during the summer months, Big Sioux decided to build a new supplemental water treatment facility. The new plant is located on the old Brant Water Treatment Plant site, in the vicinity of Brant Lake and Lake Madison.  The new water treatment plant allows Big Sioux Community Water to supplement their existing water treatment plant with an additional 300 gallons per minute (GPM) of water with similar water quality characteristics. The new Brant Lake Water Treatment Plant operates by pumping raw water from the Long Lake Well Field to one of three pressure filters located within the new facility. Chlorine is added to the raw water prior to the filters for iron and manganese oxidation and for media regeneration. As the water exits the filters, a portion of it is sent to the nanofiltration unit for further treatment and hardness removal. After the water is filtered through the membranes, it is blended with water treated through filtration alone, chlorinated and delivered to the ground storage reservoir. The high-service pumps then pump water from the ground storage reservoir and into the distribution system. 

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Project Goal #1

Provide a supplemental water source to Big Sioux Community Water System's west side near the recreational lakes area

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Project Goal #2

Provide a supplemental water source during the summer months that can easily be shut down for the winter months when water demands in the lake area decrease

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Project Goal #3

Design with space available so additional treatment units can be added, doubling the plant's capacity

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Project Goal #4

Design a facility that will produce water with similar water quality characteristics as Big Sioux's lime softening plant

Project Features

  • Three pressure filtration units and backwash pump
  • One skid-mounted membrane filtration treatment unit including feed pump
  • Chemical storage, handling and feeding systems for permanganate, fluoride and chlorine
  • Interior piping and valves
  • Building to enclose the water treatment process, including office/lab space and restroom
  • Improvements and connections to the existing water treatment plant facilities
  • Replace two of the existing high service pumping units
  • Lining the existing backwash lagoon which is to be used as an equalization basin
  • Process monitoring and control system improvements
  • Electrical and mechanical systems for the new building

Services Provided

  • Facility Plan Preparation
  • Topographic Survey
  • Preliminary/Final design
  • Bidding Services
  • Construction Contract Administration
  • Construction Staking and Observation

Support Disciplines