Project Information

WEB Aberdeen Tower Recoating

BAI Number
Project Bid Date:
02/28/2020 2:00 PM CDT
Project Bid Location:
WEB Water Office, 38456 W US Hwy 12, Aberdeen, SD 57401

Bid Schedule(s)

Bid Schedule1
Lump Sum Bid Schedule
Probable Cost 1
$700,000 to $900,000

Project Deadlines 1

Substantial Completion
Final Completion

Scope of Work 1

Surface preparation and recoating of interior of 1.0 MG multi-legged elevated water storage tank.  Tower interior shall be blasted to SSPC-SP5 “White Metal Blast”, zinc-rich primer, epoxy stripe coat and 100% solids epoxy top coat;

Spot surface preparation to SSPC-SP10 “Near-White Metal Blast” and coating repairs of interior (dry) riser;

Surface preparation and recoating of exterior of 1.0 MG multi-legged elevated water storage tank.  Tower exterior shall be blasted to SSPC-SP10 “Near-White Metal Blast”, zinc-rich primer, polyurethane stripe coat, polyurethane intermediate coat, and fluoropolymer top coat;

Caulking of interior roof support members;

Removal of existing roof vent and installation of new fail-safe roof vent;

Removal of existing rigid rail fall protection systems and installation of new cable fall protection systems on all tank ladders;

Installation of new galvanized tank roof railing system and the relocation of existing roof antennas to new rail system; and

Clean-up and all other miscellaneous work required, not herein mentioned, but inferred from the construction contract documents.

Bid Alternate #1: Provide complete blast of interior (dry) riser to SSPC-SP10 “Near-White Metal Blast”, apply zinc-rich primer, epoxy stripe, intermediate, and top coats.

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