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Madison Well House No. 1 Replacement

BAI Number
Project Bid Date:
08/03/2021 11:00 AM CST
Project Bid Location:
City of Madison, 116 West center Street, Madison, SD 57042

Bid Schedule(s)

Project Deadlines 1

Substantial Completion
Final Completion

Scope of Work 1

Demolition of existing well house including, but not limited to, structure, foundation, piping, fittings, flow meter, all instrumentation & control equipment, electrical, and any other appurtenances included inside the structure;
New well house structure, including foundation;
Connection of new piping, fittings, flow meter, transmitters, gauges, combination air valves, pressure relief valves, check valves, and telemetry & control system at the new well house location;
The well house shall include all electrical and mechanical systems;
Site work including, but not limited to, excavation, fill, grading, access road construction, erosion control, and site top-soiling, seeding, and restoration;
Integration of instrumentation into existing system by the Owner’s System Integrator (Sweeny Controls);
Clean-up and all other miscellaneous work required, not herein mentioned, but inferred from the construction contract documents.

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