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Lennox Biosolids Drying Bed #3

BAI Number
Project Bid Date:
08/16/2018 2:00 PM CST
Project Bid Location:
City of Lennox, 107 South Main Street, Lennox, SD 57039

Bid Schedule(s)

Bid Schedule1
Unit Price Bid Schedule
Probable Cost 1
$100,000.00 to $120,000.00

Project Deadlines 1

Substantial Completion
Final Completion

Scope of Work 1

Work and Materials to construct Biosolids Drying Bed #3, which includes the following:

Approximately, 550 cubic yards of On-site provided import to construct a new dividing dike.
Approximately, 550 square yards 8-inch PCC to construct the drying bed floor.
Approximately, 45 feet of 8-inch gravity sewer piping to convey decant from the sludge drying bed.
Approximately, 285 feet of 6-inch force main sewer piping to convey sludge to the sludge drying bed.
One inlet structure
One decant structure
One access ramp
Miscellaneous site grading, seeding and other work as required for construction of the new drying bed.

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