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Lake Poinsett Sanitary District - Lift Station Rehab Project Phase I REBID

BAI Number
Project Bid Date:
03/25/2019 11:00 AM CST
Project Bid Location:
Lake Poinsett Sanitary District, 19533 US Highway 81, Suite 3, Arlington, SD 57212

Bid Schedule(s)

Bid Schedule1
Unit Price Bid Schedule
Probable Cost 1
$200,000 to $300,000

Project Deadlines 1

Substantial Completion
Final Completion

Scope of Work 1

Removal of existing submersible pumps, rails, controls, piping and appurtenances. (5 Duplex Lift Stations)
Installation of new Lift Station pumps, rails, controls, electrical, piping and appurtenances (Items provided by the Owner).
Lining Existing Wetwell structures for 5 Lift Stations.  Includes cleaning and preparation of concrete structures for new lining system.
Surface restoration and all other miscellaneous work required not herein mentioned, but inferred from the construction Contract Documents.

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