Paving the Way for Community Growth: Volga, SD Industrial Park Improvement Projects

Paving the Way for Community Growth: Volga, SD Industrial Park Improvement Projects

Banner Associates, Inc. | Mar 17, 2021

Volga’s Industrial Park is already home to many thriving businesses, and it’s expanding to welcome others on the horizon. To ensure prospective businesses can smoothly set up shop, the City set to work with updates and improvements to the current infrastructure. Part of this ongoing effort included securing funds to cover a portion of construction costs. The City decided to apply for the SDDOT Industrial Park Access Grant, which can cover up to 80% of eligible construction costs; Banner assisted with the application process.

The project specific to these grant funds resulted in updates to the drainage and storm sewer system and a street reconstruction on Industrial Drive. Starting south of a recycling business and traveling north toward a construction business and trucking firm, this 1,000-foot street section changed from gravel to finished street.

Designed to accommodate heavy truck traffic, the 39-foot wide asphalt section is six inches thick on top of an additional ten inches of aggregate base. This tapers into a 30-foot wide paved section with wide driveways for the trucking business. Curbs and gutters line both sections for improved aesthetics and drainage.

Bowes Construction served as the general contractor with subcontracting work from Clark Drew Construction and Meyer Services. Together, they installed over 1,300 tons of asphalt concrete and nearly 2,000 linear feet of concrete curbs and gutter, improving travel and access for at least six businesses in the Volga Industrial Park.

Volga continues to grow, and Banner is here to help. We are working with the City on their new industrial development area in the northwest area of town to meet the rising demand for more industrial lots. Planned for completion in August / September 2021, the new Volga Industrial Park will have 8 different lots (ranging from 0.6–2.4 acres in size) connected with a heavy-duty, 30-foot wide asphalt road with curb and gutter. Storm sewer, watermain, and sanitary sewer infrastructure are included as part of this project as well. These features ensure the new Volga Industrial Park is ready for a variety of businesses: plans for the first building are already underway!

You can read more about this new development on the Brookings EDC website, or by contacting the Volga City Administrator, Jameson Berreth at (605) 627-9113.