Minnehaha County Structure Replacement
Minnehaha County, SD

Two existing structures at a drainage crossing along Co. Hwy. 126 in Minnehaha County, just northwest of Crooks, were considered structurally deficient and functionally obsolete. Banner utilized its experience, expertise, and capabilities to provide complete design and construction services including feasibility studies, planning, design, construction administration, and construction observation for a replacement structure.  Several bridge options were evaluated during design for functionality and cost, with a box culvert selected as the best alternative.  

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Daktronics Skywalk
Brookings, SD

The Daktronics skywalk is an enclosed exterior walkway connecting the SW corner of Building 2 to the NE corner of Building 6. The walkway is nine feet wide by nine feet tall on the inside and is approximately 180 feet long. The structure consists of two separate prefabricated steel pedestrian bridges with 72 foot main spans and cantilevered ends. There are three precast concrete columns supporting the walkway. The precast column finish closely matches that of the existing buildings. The structure is enclosed on the sides and underside with 2 ½ inch insulated metal wall panels with finishes meant to compliment that of the existing buildings. The floor is cast-in-place concrete on metal form deck. The roof is acoustical metal deck with insulation and a 90 mil EPDM membrane.

Early in the design and planning process, it was determined that utilizing shop-fabricated pedestrian bridges would be the simplest method to span between the two buildings. Due to the lead time for a prefabricated bridge structure, a design-build process was adopted and the contractor was brought on board so that the critical elements could be procured to maintain the desired schedule for completion.

Accommodations were made to allow for the installation of one of Daktronics' signing systems on the southeast exterior face of the walkway at a later date.

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Brookings County Structure Replacement
Brookings County, SD

Two existing structures on Co. Hwy. 7 north of Bruce, SD had reached the end of their serviceable lives and required replacement. Banner’s team performed the initial site surveys and hydraulic analyses to determine replacement structure types and sizes. After the replacement structure types and sizes were selected, the final design of the replacement structures and preparation of the construction plans, including approach grading and guardrail were performed.

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Bridge Inspections
Several Locations, South Dakota

Throughout our history, Banner has been involved in the National Bridge Inspection Standards (NBIS) program and provides experience and expertise in performing structural inspections and evaluations of existing bridges and structures to determine condition rating, capacity, and to identify needed repairs or modifications to ensure safe structures for the traveling public.

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Flair Fountains
Various, USA

Water features add a strong focal point or calming presence to a business, green space, or public gathering area.  Banner has provided structural support services to Flair Fountains, located in Minneapolis MN, for the structural design of several fountains throughout the Midwest.  From the base of the "Legacy Ship" fountain located just outside the new Vikings Stadium to the stately fountain located on the green space of the University of St. Thomas, these fountains convey the image of the spaces they occupy.  Banner is excited to have been a part of these outstanding projects!

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