Project Information

Lewis & Clark Regional Water System - Treated Water Pipeline - MN Segment 3B

BAI Number
Pre-Bid Meeting Date:
07/14/2016 2:00 PM CST
Pre-Bid Meeting Location:
Lewis & Clark RWS office, 46986 Monty Street, Tea, SD 57064
Project Bid Date:
07/21/2016 2:00 PM CST
Project Bid Location:
Lewis & Clark RWS office, 46986 Monty Street, Tea, SD 57064

Bid Schedule(s)

Bid Schedule1
Unit Price Bid Schedule
Probable Cost 1
$ 9,000,000.00 to $ 12,000,000.00

Project Deadlines 1

Substantial Completion
Final Completion

Scope of Work 1

  • Approximately 53,200 linear feet of 24” diameter buried steel or ductile iron pipe or 30” PVC pipe;
  • Approximately 10,457 linear feet of 12” diameter PVC pipe;
  • Approximately 1,585 linear feet of jacked or bored highway and stream crossing steel casing pipe (diameter varies from 24” to 42” diameter casing pipe, depending upon type of pipe material used), including one Minnesota Southern Railway crossing;
  • Miscellaneous appurtenances including direct bury gate valves, isolation valves and combination air valves (including concrete vaults and manholes), manual air valves, and blow-off assemblies;
  • Temporary and permanent erosion control, fencing, reclamation and seeding;
  • Corrosion protection system components including galvanic anodes, coatings and linings;
  • Impressed current cathodic protection system components including rectifiers and surface anode groundbeds for ductile and steel pipe options;
  • Traffic control during construction;
  • Pipeline hydrostatic pressure testing, cleaning and disinfection; and
  • Clean up and all other miscellaneous work required, not herein mentioned, but inferred from the construction contract documents.

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