Lewis & Clark Regional Water System - Update September 2015

Lewis & Clark Regional Water System - Update September 2015

Banner Associates, Inc. | Mar 16, 2016

The Lewis & Clark Regional Water System (L&C) is making great progress to advance construction into Minnesota. L&C began serving water to Rock County Rural Water District (RCRWD), MN and Rock Rapids, IA through Meter Building 3A at the end of May. RCRWD is the 12th member system served by L&C and the first in Minnesota. Previously, L&C has been delivering water to Rock Rapids through a temporary metering facility.

Carstensen Contracting, Inc. of Pipestone, MN continues with construction of Treated Water Pipeline (TWP) Segment MN-2. This project includes 12.6 miles of 24” diameter steel pipe and 5.6 miles of 14” diameter PVC pipe. When complete, this project will connect Luverne, MN to the L&C system. Earlier this summer, the contractor completed the 14” PVC Luverne Service Line. Through mid-August, Carstensen has installed approximately 20,000 feet of 24” diameter steel pipe (approximately 30% of the total length of 24” pipe).

Robert L. Carr, Co. of Marshall, MN is constructing meter buildings in Luverne and Magnolia, MN. The Magnolia meter building will provide service to Lincoln-Pipestone Rural Water System and a second connection for RCRWD. Construction started on the Luverne meter building in July.

On the design side, L&C has been working on easement acquisition, permitting, environmental clearances, archaeological surveys and engineering design for future construction projects. Future projects currently being worked on include: TWP Segment MN-3A (a pipeline between Luverne and Magnolia, MN); TWP Segment MN-3B (Magnolia to Adrian, MN) and TWP Segment MN-4 (Adrian to Worthington, MN). These pipeline projects include approximately 37.2 miles of pipe.

In South Dakota, easement acquisition, permitting and engineering designs are underway for Segments 1 and 5 of the Madison Service Line and meter buildings/pump stations at Crooks and Madison, SD. These pipeline projects include approximately 10.1 miles of pipe.

Meanwhile, the L&C system has been topping its previous production records. In July, L&C delivered a monthly record of 569 million gallons for a daily average of 18.35 million gallons. This is a 5% increase over July 2014. L&C’s peak day was 21 million gallons, also a new system record.