Highway Reconstruction Projects

Highway Reconstruction Projects

Banner Associates, Inc. | Mar 15, 2016

There's no better time for utility upgrades than before a DOT highway replacement, and the communities of Milbank and Beresford were each motivated by this opportunity. Banner has provided municipal engineering services for Milbank and Beresford for over 50 years and during 2014/2015, Banner worked in conjunction with these communities on joint SDDOT/City highway reconstruction projects.

For both projects, the city utility replacement work was bid as a separate schedule by the DOT in order to award the construction work to a single contractor. At this time, construction work is continuing on both projects with Banner providing construction observation and construction staking services for the City portions of each project. A fall 2015 completion is anticipated for both projects.

Beresford, SD Highway 46

SD Highway 46 through Beresford is being reconstructed in 2015 for a one-mile segment from West 13th Street to East 13th Street. The City and Banner are working in conjunction with the SDDOT to replace aging municipal sanitary sewer and watermain utilities under the highway. During the design phase, much attention was paid to sequencing since the DOT required that traffic be maintained during construction by allowing only half of the roadway to be closed at one time.

Milbank US Highway 12

US Highway 12 through Milbank was reconstructed in two phases beginning with a 0.7-mile segment in 2013 followed by a second 0.7-mile segment in 2015. For both phases, Banner prepared construction documents for the City’s portion of the project which included replacement of aging watermain and sanitary sewer under Highway 12 along with the installation of a new 12-inch water transmission line to the water tower. This new transmission line will ultimately allow the City to abandon an existing asbestos cement pipeline. The SDDOT was responsible for preparation of the storm sewer and roadway reconstruction plans. Phase 2 of the project also included three blocks of complete reconstruction of Fourth Street that began with the need to increase the size of the storm sewer draining from the highway.